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Healthcare  marketing and communications

Innervate's marketing communications services focus mainly on supporting communication and education with health professionals. Our expertise, particularly over the last 10 years, has been in the neurosciences and neurorehabilitation fields. However, we have worked in various other medical and healthcare areas including diabetes, genetics and mental health.

We utilise a range of communications formats, from live events including healthcare workshops, seminars and conferences, through to a range of multimedia formats, such as printed media and digital media, including DVDs and online streamed videos. Based in South East London, Innervate's services are available nationwide.
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Bespoke healthcare marketing solutions

Over the years we have worked in partnership with a considerable number of leading healthcare experts, both from the UK and internationally. Our more recent work in the neurosciences and neurorehabilitation fields includes running healthcare events in partnership with the Primary Care Neurology Society and the Community Therapists Network. Our education support through the Community Therapists Network has also broadened our experience and expertise into other medical and healthcare areas.

Communication with clients and customers is important for any business, but it is especially important for the medical and the wider healthcare fields. 

Innervate's experience and expertise in healthcare communication and education extends to projects that support patient self-help and wellbeing. We have developed a variety of products that help encourage more effective healthcare communication between patient and health professionals.
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Multi-platform communication

Communication is of paramount importance not only for patient satisfaction, but also for growing and marketing a healthcare business. This is one of the reasons for the continuing growth in healthcare marketing and communications. Patients and potential customers are bombarded with an increasing selection of private healthcare providers, be it private consultants such as neurologists or allied health professionals such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy. Therefore, it is becoming especially important for the healthcare communication methods to engage clients in a meaningful way.

This is typically done through a presence in online and print marketing, which puts a healthcare brand in front of as many potential clients as possible. This is incredibly important for more specialised healthcare businesses, and indeed becomes more important the more specialised you get, for the simple reason that specialising has the tendency to narrow your field of potential clients. For example, in the world of private practice, it's no good being the world's greatest vascular transplant surgeon if no one knows you exist. This goes for potential patients and other healthcare providers that may patients to a health care practice on a referral basis.

Effective marketing and communication regarding your healthcare  services is important for growing the referral network many practitioners, especially those that are highly specialised, have come to rely on. Growing this network not only leads to more business and greater patient interaction for your organisation, it also improves the overall care available to the patient, which should be everyone's primary concern.
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Professional relations

We offer ideas for supporting your company or products in order to secure a respected image with healthcare professionals, who are likely to either offer opinions or use your company’s products. We can also help your company identify and forge relations with key organisations and individuals as well as encourage interest in your company and its products.

Market research studies and surveys

We are experienced in designing, implementing and analysing studies and surveys, to provide a valuable insight into how well a product or service will be accepted by customers.
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Healthcare marketing

We can advise on maximising the profile of your organisation or company and its core services or products. We can help you communicate with your members and customers via various communication channels.

Event management

Whether you are looking to develop a conference or run a workshop we work closely with renowned speakers and facilitators to develop programmes that offer an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. 
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Event management
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Advisory Boards

We have been working with leading healthcare professionals experts to create expert forums for over 20 years. We create strong partnerships between forum members and sponsoring companies, delivering outcomes that meet the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and the sponsors.

Design and literature development

Innervate is experienced in creating information and education programmes using Web, DVD or CD-ROM technology. We use digital media to deliver interactive programmes with strong visual impact. We are experienced in medical writing, design and the production of promotional literature. Our work extends to:
  • Logos
  • Websites
  • Medical and Scientific Posters
  • Manuscripts
  • Promotional literature
  • Healthcare professional booklets
  • Press material
  • Patient support material
To discuss our healthcare workshops, digital marketing and more, call our team today on:
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Based in South East London, Innervate's services are available nationwide. 

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