Ideas in Action

Stimulating Creativity 

In this section of our website you will find examples of the Innervate creativity, which includes details of the educational products and communication aids that we have created. Click on the submenu pages to access more details. 

If you would like our creative input with developing educational products and communication aids for your company, our team in South East London is more than happy to help. Our services are available nationwide.
MS and Fatigue

MS and Emotions

In MS, physical symptoms are relatively straightforward to recognise. However, emotional changes can be hidden and often go unrecognised. In this fourth booklet, the reader can read about some of the more common changes seen and offers some helpful strategies on managing them. 

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MS and the Family

MS and Cognitive Function

Cognitive change in MS is a complex issue. People with MS want to understand what cognition is, why they are experiencing problems and how they can help themselves. This booklet can help to provide some strategies and answers to questions that some may find difficult to answer. The content is organised into a series of sections including attention, memory, and executive function. 

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