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Stimulating and Supporting Healthcare Education

Innervate has worked in partnership with healthcare professionals for many years, developing educational initiatives to support their work with people living with long term chronic conditions. Based in South East London, our work includes identifying gaps in medical and healthcare education provision and helping health professionals to fill that gap through offering creative input. Our work includes partnering with healthcare professionals to establish and run organisations that help to address the gap in education . In this page you can read about some of the organisations we have established and/or working with .
Community Therapists Network

The Community Therapists Network

The Community Therapists Network (CTN) has been supporting the educational needs of allied healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and dietitians for over 20 years. Innervate Ltd was invited to support and run the CTN in 2006 and we continue to be actively involved in running the Network along with its educational activities, which includes work on the Therapy Outcome Measure (TOM)
Primary Care Neurology Society

The Primary Care Neurology Society

The Primary Care Neurology Society is a network of like minded healthcare professionals, organisations and partnering companies who all share an interest in primary care neurology. Innervate Ltd initiated the creation of the P-CNS and has been running the Society
since 2004. This includes the development and management of the societies education activities. Find out more at
PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome UK


Innervate Ltd were instrumental in stimulating the development of PCOS UK in 2005. We worked in partnership with the patient charity, Verity PCOS to establish the organisation. As well as running the organisation for a number of years, our work included running events, designing a logo and developing brand for the organisation. The charity now runs the organisation and you can reach the website here.
Primary Care Genetics Society

The Primary Care Genetics Society

Innervate Ltd stimulated the creation of the Primary Care Genetics Society, following consultation with a number of primary care professionals, who had a special interest in genetics. Although the organisation is not currently active at the moment, Innervate continues to maintain the website, which still contains a number of useful resources and can be found here.
Diabetes Monitoring Forum

The Diabetes Monitoring Forum

Innervate Ltd create an independent group that that an initial objecting of providing appropriate advice to healthcare professionals on blood glucose and ketone monitoring. Innervate identified a sponsor, Abbott Diabetes Care, who supported the group financially to produce various patient support materials. Information about this group can be found on our website here.
To find out more about our work, including that with the Community Therapists Network and the Primary Care Neurology Society and how we may be able to help you, contact our South East London team today. Call: 
020 3479 5111
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