Ideas in Action

Stimulating Creativity 

In this section of our website you will find examples of the Innervate creativity, which includes details of the educational products and communication aids that we have created. Click on the submenu pages to access more details. 

If you would like our creative input with developing educational products and communication aids for your company, our team in South East London is more than happy to help. Our services are available nationwide.
Communication and Education

Communication and Education

Innervate has been instrumental in stimulating the development or supporting the marketing of a number of innovative products. The aim of all has been to support and encourage communication between patients and professionals.
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MS and the Family

Organisations and Networks

Innervate has worked with many health professionals over the years to stimulate and support the creation and running of various healthcare communities.

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For more information on our educational products, call Innervate in South East London on: 
020 3479 5111
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